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We were recently featured in Business in Focus Magazine for all of the dedication we have been putting into our product since the beginning of our business in 1936. We’re so proud of all the time, dedication, and work our employees have put in, and although we don’t do it for the recognition, it is awesome to be honored.

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Historical Stucco

The use of stucco can be dated back to ancient times and is still used throughout the world today as one of the most common traditional building materials. Stucco is a form of exterior plaster applied directly onto masonry, wood or metal lath or wood frame structures. Stucco is a kind of chameleon in the building world as it can often be used to disguise or mimic the look of other materials without going noticed. Many people confuse traditional stucco with more modern synthetic finishes such as EIFS.The Wisp Hotel - Trisco Systems

Stucco’s popularity has grown as it is a relatively inexpensive material compared to other exterior finishes, which can be used to imitate different designs. This material can give the appearance of a more expensive, high-end exterior finish. Stucco is also a great material to protect your structure from the elements when installed correctly, and can give a certain amount of fire-protection as well.

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concrete silo, concrete, trisco systemsWhen it comes to the maintenance and restoration of concrete storage units such as grain silos, the most common problem that we see every day is cost. Most facilities, over the last decade, have invested whatever funds are available into equipment, and the restoration budget usually takes the hit. The problem is that the deterioration process is a pyramid in nature. The observed small problem or failure not corrected immediately deteriorates exponentially as time passes. The repair costs increase exponentially as well. Now that so much time has passed since companies have invested in their storage facility, the cost of restoration is usually a shock.

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concrete silo restoration, Trisco Systems IncWhen it comes to selecting a contractor for your project, several factors may come in to play, such as price or ability to meet a schedule. However, if the end result is a quality repair that will extend the service life of your structure, then the decision should come down to workmanship. In the end, it always comes down to workmanship. You can have the best technology in materials or equipment, but at the end of the day it is the craftsman on the wall who controls the outcome of the repair.

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Trisco Systems, exterior cleaningAs technologies have progressed over the years, so have the types of materials that are used for exterior facades in building construction. Traditional materials such as brick masonry, stone, concrete and terra cotta are now being replaced or enhanced with architectural metal, glass, cast stone, aluminum, stainless steel, and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS).

Each of these materials has its own traits that are affected by the environment, which is why cleaning the exterior of structures is much more complicated nowadays rather than using the traditional pressure-washing or sandblasting techniques.

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cold stress, trisco systems, inc., cold weather, safetyAs temperatures are plummeting into the sub-zero range and deadlines are looming, it’s important to know the risk factors of cold stress and how to keep your employees safe and healthy.

What exactly is cold stress?

Extreme cold working conditions vary across the country, your body may be used to working in below zero temperatures, however if you are used to working in a warmer climate, near freezing temperatures may be considered “extreme cold.” Your body works harder to maintain its temperature and when temperatures drop below normal heat will escape your body more quickly. OSHA states: “Cold stress occurs by driving down skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature (core). This may lead to serious health problems, and may cause tissue damage, and possible death.”

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Wellness, wellness program, trisco systemsOne component of keeping your team safe and on the job, is keeping them healthy. We have partnered with a local organization to implement an internal wellness program to do just that. However, what happens when the program is there, but you haven’t gotten the buy-in from your team. Not only does wellness improve the health of your employees, but also your bottom line by decrease healthcare costs. Creating innovative, fun ways to get your employees engaged will help improve participation rates as well as that bottom line.

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cave-in, caught in, caught in-between, focus fourConstruction sites are a big emphasis for the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). According to their website, construction is among the most dangerous industries in the country and construction inspections comprise 60% of OSHA’s total inspections.

The four leading causes of construction industry fatalities are called the OSHA Focus Four. This includes the following hazards:

This final installment in our blog series will help identify “Caught in or in-between” hazards and how to keep your crew safe and free from injury on the jobsite.

Caught in or in-between hazards can cause injury or death in a variety of ways, including: cave-ins, being pulled into an unguarded piece of machinery, or being compressed between to moving objects or a moving and stationary object.

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Focus Four Electrocution, Trisco Systems, Inc, SafetyConstruction sites are a big emphasis for the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). According to their website, construction is among the most dangerous industries in the country and construction inspections comprise 60% of OSHA’s total inspections.

The four leading causes of construction industry fatalities are called the “OSHA Focus Four”. This includes the following hazards:

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