EIFS in Layman’s Terms

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The purpose of this article is to try to simplify something that confuses many people: EIFS. EIFS is an acronym for “Exterior Insulation and Finish System.” Many people refer to it as “Dryvit” or mistakenly as “stucco.” Dryvit Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of EIFS products. This is a generic trademark descriptor, similar to Kleenex (a manufacturer… Read more »

Terra Cotta Replacement Considerations

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Terra Cotta Replacement Considerations

Architectural terra cotta is a masonry material that has been around since the 1800’s. Terra cotta is basically made of a clay-like material that is formed into shapes, which are glazed and then fired in a kiln. These shapes are attached to a building’s skeleton to form its exterior façade. Mortar is placed between the… Read more »

The Challenges of Estimating Vertical Concrete Structures

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challenges of estimating vertical concrete structures

In this article, we are discussing the challenges of estimating vertical concrete restoration projects. These are typically the most difficult types of concrete repair projects to accurately estimate. The intent of this article is to help explain the different pricing approaches so you can choose the right one for your project. The challenges There are… Read more »

The Building Assessment Process

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Building Assessment Process

Every potential restoration project begins with a need: clients have a building or structure with a problem, so they call an expert such as Trisco and thereby initiate the building assessment process. When executed successfully, this process can identify problems or deficiencies, the cause of these problems, and the design of a solution. The building… Read more »

If Walls Could Talk: Stadium Edition

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One type of structure that needs to be frequently maintained are concrete stadiums.  These stadiums are often found at high schools, colleges, and professional arenas, and they all experience similar stresses that require constant attention. Stadiums are constructed with poured-in-place reinforced concrete or pre-cast concrete planks and all typically have large expansion joints extending the… Read more »

Trends to Watch in 2016

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2016 is here. With a new year comes change, progress, improvements, and sometimes failures. Each year is sure to be different than the last and at the beginning of a new year, it’s prudent to try and look ahead to try and anticipate what will be occurring in your industry so that you can be… Read more »

Honoring Verlin Herndon

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The entire Trisco family mourns the loss of 70-year employee Verlin C. Herndon. Verlin touched the lives of so many of us inside and outside of the Company. Rest in Peace Verlin. http://www.examiner.org/obituaries-2/58319-verlin-c-herndon  

Appreciating & Maintaining Terra Cotta

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Background If you have looked closely at historic buildings of any architectural significance, you have likely seen architectural terra cotta. Though it is not used nearly as much today as it once was, terra-cotta was very popular between the 1890’s and 1930’s and was significant in the development of the Chicago Style, High Rise, Historic,… Read more »