Historical Stucco

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Historical Stucco The use of stucco can be dated back to ancient times and is still used throughout the world today as one of the most common traditional building materials. Stucco is a form of exterior plaster applied directly onto masonry, wood or metal lath or wood frame structures. Stucco is a kind of chameleon… Read more »

Debates in Grain Silo Restoration: Cost, Intended Use, Resistance to Coatings

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When it comes to the maintenance and restoration of concrete storage units such as grain silos, the most common problem that we see every day is cost. Most facilities, over the last decade, have invested whatever funds are available into equipment, and the restoration budget usually takes the hit. The problem is that the deterioration… Read more »

Creating a Culture of Safety

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An organization’s culture is the basic pattern of shared values, beliefs, and attitudes which shape the way members of an organization behave. These cultures can be changed over time with strategic planning, but not easily. Consider the difficulty of changing one’s political or religious views. A company creating a strong safety culture places value on… Read more »

Make the Most of Your Schedule

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There is often the misconception that contractors are like fire fighters, waiting for the next call… able to respond immediately. However, projects are usually scheduled out for weeks or months ahead of time and it is very difficult to respond immediately without causing a major interruption. Proper construction scheduling is one of the lifelines for… Read more »

Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration, Reconstruction… What’s the Difference?

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Choosing the appropriate treatment for your building is critical, and there are differences in the types of projects you are performing. So which should you choose? When choosing your treatment choice, you should think about a couple different factors: intended usage, the building’s condition, and it’s historical significance. Rehabilitation acknowledges the need to alter or… Read more »