Project Story: Culver Academies Chapel

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Culver Academies is a college preparatory boarding school located in Culver, Indiana. The Culver Memorial Chapel, sitting in the center of campus, is constructed of brick and decorative limestone elements. The interior is all limestone with intricate features, stained glass, and historically significant elements. Unfortunately the effects of time, weather, antiquated heating systems, etc. had… Read more »

The Different Types of Mortar Joints

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The type and style of the masonry mortar joints can be a deciding factor in the performance of your masonry when it comes to protecting your structure from water penetration. The profile of the mortar joint is created when the jointer strikes against the surface of the mortar before the joint has set. We will… Read more »

If Walls Could Talk….

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We have all heard the old adage, “If these walls could talk!” It turns out that the walls of our buildings do in fact talk to us in a way. Whether it is structural or due to lack of maintenance, our walls have certain ways of telling us things. Building movement can result in wall… Read more »

Historical Stucco

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Historical Stucco The use of stucco can be dated back to ancient times and is still used throughout the world today as one of the most common traditional building materials. Stucco is a form of exterior plaster applied directly onto masonry, wood or metal lath or wood frame structures. Stucco is a kind of chameleon… Read more »

Choosing the Proper Cleaning Method for Your Structure

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As technologies have progressed over the years, so have the types of materials that are used for exterior facades in building construction. Traditional materials such as brick masonry, stone, concrete and terra cotta are now being replaced or enhanced with architectural metal, glass, cast stone, aluminum, stainless steel, and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS)…. Read more »

Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration, Reconstruction… What’s the Difference?

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Choosing the appropriate treatment for your building is critical, and there are differences in the types of projects you are performing. So which should you choose? When choosing your treatment choice, you should think about a couple different factors: intended usage, the building’s condition, and it’s historical significance. Rehabilitation acknowledges the need to alter or… Read more »

History in the ReMaking

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May is National Historic Preservation Month and we celebrate our nation’s most treasured assets. Historical sites and buildings serve as reminders of our heritage. Our past. These buildings are steeped with character and enrich our neighborhoods. As we are modernizing and moving our communities into the 21st century, steps are being take to restore and… Read more »