Restore You! Wellness – Healthy Recipe Week

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favorite healthy recipes

Our Restore You Wellness Team recently held an event where employees were asked to bring a healthy snack to work and share the recipe. It had to be something home-made. The response was great, and we all enjoyed trying each other’s dishes. It’s funny – I was literally eating powdered mini-donuts in my office when… Read more »

Our Company Garden

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Company Garden

Our “Restore You” Health & Wellness team decided to repurpose a wooden crate and make it into a raised company garden. It was constructed by our warehouse personnel and set up in the storage lot, near the rear exit of our building. The Wellness Committee kept it a secret from employees, so they could introduce… Read more »

New Year, New You! Trisco Wellness Challenge

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Trisco Wellness Challenge

The Trisco Wellness Team has set a mission for our company: Be healthy and well, and challenge yourself while doing it. To embrace this mission, the team decided to kick 2017 off with a Wellness Challenge for all employees. The challenge runs from January 16 to March 6. Those who choose to participate in the… Read more »

Restore You! Health & Wellness Program

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trisco health and wellness

2017 starts the fourth year of Trisco’s Health & Wellness program. This year, we introduced a new title for the program: Restore You! We’ll continue to work closely with WCORHA and Katie Sarno, our Health Promotion Coordinator, to manage and grow the program. As usual, it will include annual screenings and personal health tracking through… Read more »

2016 Wellness Event

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In September, we hosted an onsite wellness event, “Fun and Feast in the Sun!” to engage our staff and encourage participation in our wellness program. 20 staff members from Trisco and our sister company, Atlas Building Services, gathered on the front lawn for a friendly competition and cookout. There were three healthy challenges, which everyone… Read more »

Wellness Challenge: Trisco vs. Webb Insurance Agency

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Over the past two months, Trisco Systems has been competing with Webb Insurance in a Biggest Loser contest in order to improve the health and wellness in their workplaces. Working with WCORHA has resulted in many positive changes at Trisco, as they participate frequently in wellness challenges within their own office.

Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is here! During the holiday season, we tend to completely dismiss any goals we once had of being healthy or staying in shape. While you shouldn’t let staying healthy prevent you from indulging in some of your favorite holiday treats or from having any fun, there are ways to still stay on… Read more »

Trisco Employees Complete Wellness 10K Dash

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The Trisco Systems team has been on a mission to get healthier and more active this summer! Nine Trisco employees signed up for a 6-week step challenge. Each participant was entered to win a grand prize at the end of the challenge. Each individual attempted to reach 10,000 steps at least one day each week…. Read more »

Making Wellness Fun

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One component of keeping your team safe and on the job, is keeping them healthy. We have partnered with a local organization to implement an internal wellness program to do just that. However, what happens when the program is there, but you haven’t gotten the buy-in from your team. Not only does wellness improve the… Read more »