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“It was even more magnificent than I expected … and they told me it was spectacular,” ~Bishop Foye.
“The work to clean, preserve, repair, restore, and refurbish (the Cathedral) has only added integrity, dignity, prominence, and beauty to a classical structure that some have called without parallel in the United States,” ~Bishop Muench.

Trisco Systems was selected to be part of the team of contractors, studios, and conservators who were challenged with the opportunity to restore this magnificent structure. Needless to say, attention to detail, complexity of the project, and a tight project schedule made this project unique.

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We were called upon to restore the exterior limestone surfaces of the Cathedral, which included specialized cleaning processes, delicate stone restoration, and the hand repair of the detailed gothic architectural pieces.

Upon completion, the project received a Preservation Award from the Cincinnati Preservation Association as a significant example of a successful historical rehabilitation.