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Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) have been used as the façade finish for over thirty years in this country. In order to properly maintain and restore this type of exterior finish, it is important to know how the system was installed.

Evaluating discovered defects or damage to EIFS could be as simple as aesthetic concerns or as complex as overall system failure.

For example, the sealant in the control joint does not have a good bond or has pulled away and one would suggest that it be merely re-caulked.  Further investigation indicates the joint was not properly installed to receive the sealant, so now what do you need to do to create an acceptable joint?  When EIFS control joints are properly back-wrapped with reinforcing mesh and base coat, the sealant will perform as designed.

Fractures at window openings are common.  It is a natural point of movement.  Quite often it is just a crack in the coating system.  Other times it is a system failure from missing components within the EIFS requiring system replacement of modifications.

Impact damage typically results in the need for a full system repair.  Heavy damage that penetrates the coating, pierces the mesh, and exposes the insulation board should receive a full system patch or replacement.

Regardless of the condition, repairs and restoration processes should be properly evaluated and the best course of action determined for each scenario.