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Culver Academies is a college preparatory boarding school located in Culver, Indiana. The Culver Memorial Chapel, sitting in the center of campus, is constructed of brick and decorative limestone elements. The interior is all limestone with intricate features, stained glass, and historically significant elements. Unfortunately the effects of time, weather, antiquated heating systems, etc. had taken its toll on the exterior and interior of the chapel.

Numerous projects were undertaken to correct these deficiencies. This included exterior masonry restoration, roof repairs, HVAC upgrades, and window improvements. Only after this process was Trisco able to address the restoration of the interior limestone.

Years of neglect and persistent moisture issues caused severe erosion and staining of the limestone, as well as extreme deterioration of the mortar. Trisco was retained to correct these damaged areas with operations such as tuckpointing, sealant replacement, stone patching, and stone replacement. The unsightly presence of mineral staining, efflorescence, and calcium deposit build-up required a gentle, non-chemical cleaning process that would not affect the beautiful woodwork and other interior features.

The cleaning process consisted of safe and effective micro-abrasive media combined with air and a very small amount of water. This combination was finely tuned to allow the removal of contaminants without damage to the stone surfaces.