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Therma-Tru’s corporate office building had been leaking for years.  After numerous unsuccessful attempts to correct this condition, Trisco Construction Services, LLC (TCS) was brought in by Mariucci & Associates to determine the source of leaks and to design/install the repair method.Therma-Tru Doors Office Building

The initial investigation included sub-surface explorations to determine as-built construction details.  This is one step that is often overlooked while trying to create a repair program for a structure.  This step is particularly important especially when dealing with buildings that have EIFS as the exterior cladding.

EIFS panels and masonry were removed to determine the as-built construction detail of the EIFS panels, the window system, and the building’s drainage system. When the EIFS was removed, corrosion was visible on the light gauge metal framing and it was discovered that a flashing system was never installed during the original construction.  It was determined that the building’s drainage system was not functioning properly and that water which penetrates the exterior cladding had been running into the interior of the building for years.

Therma-Tru Doors Office Building

Now that the construction details and facts were known a cost-effective approach was presented to the Owner. TCS designed and installed a sub-surface remedial flashing system throughout the building.This included installing new fabricated metal flashing pans above the EIFS panels at control joints, new fabricated metal flashing pans installed at the base of the EIFS panels, and the installation of new window flashing details. To accomplish this work the masonry above the windows had to be removed and replaced as well as the replacement of EIFS panels.

The important lesson learned on this project is that sub-surface investigations on EIFS building are one of the most important steps to take in order to design an effective repair program.

This project review is yet another example of the capabilities and specialty operations that Trisco Construction Services offers to our clients. We offer our services in a professional and competitive manner. Please feel free to contact us regarding additional information or how we can handle your special needs.