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Traveling across the country there stands in each major community one consistent structure-the County Courthouse. Historically, it has been the place for local government entities to do business in a convenient location, centralized to the city’s commerce center.

Due to the age of most courthouses they have weathered more than just the elements. They’ve survived poor economic times, major alterations and neglect. The result of these factors can take their toll on a building and eventually a major restoration program will have to be undertaken.

The Hamilton County Courthouse is a large Limestone and Terra Cotta structure in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. After years of general repairs and minor upkeep it was time for major restoration project.

The project consisted of removing years of surface pollutants from the decorative limestone surfaces, replacement of the building’s mortar joint system, rebuilding of portions of limestone sections, replacement and rebuilding of terra cotta wall sections and installation of pigeon control devices. All this work needed to be completed while the building was in full operation without causing disruption to the Justices, all other occupants and passersby.

Due to the type of surface contaminants on the building and the surface condition of the stone, the building was cleaned with a modified European process using water only.

Large terra cotta wall sections were unstable and needed to be torn down and rebuilt. It was imperative the rebuilt sections blend into the original surfaces, which proved to be a challenge. The Trisco team was able to combine various masonry techniques and materials, resulting in a very successful finished product.

The use of time proven restoration techniques or methods in combination with engineering modifications and new technology was the key to this successful project. Trisco Systems, Inc. specializes in problem-solving skills, as demonstrated on the Hamilton County Courthouse, which makes us a leader in the restoration industry.