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The Scottish Rite Cathedral is the gleaming jewel of the night skyline in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Built between 1927 and 1929 it is one of the most impressive structures of its type in the Midwest. The Cathedral was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The intricate stonework and carvings are a testament to the stone artisans of early last century.

Trisco Systems, Inc. was chosen to undertake a major exterior restoration project to bring this significant structure back to its original beauty after over 70 years of the weather and improper repair operations. From its 270-foot towers down to the detailed stone carvings the building had to be treated with care, yet with an eye toward the future.

The Trisco team took on this project utilizing time tested and historically correct techniques along with new technology. The scope of the work included treatment of 100% of the building’s mortar joint system, replacement of stone units, patching of stone units, and installation of sealants at strategic locations. The most interesting and impressive part of the project was the removal of decades of dirt and pollutants from the delicate stone surfaces without long term adverse reactions. For this, Trisco used a modified old European process for cleaning stonework, which removed all of the surface contaminants with only the use of water.

Today the Scottish Rite Cathedral shines bright on the skyline, which can be seen from all sides of downtown, and is regularly shone on television during major sporting events. This project is an excellent example of combining new and old technology for the restoration of a significant landmark, which is a specialty of Trisco Systems, Inc.