Rich with history and character, older buildings require a different mindset and approach to their upgrades and stewardship. They present a different set of variables and challenges – materials can be hard to find or replace, experienced trades people can be tough to locate, and working on something that already exists is always tougher than starting from scratch and building new. This being said, why go to the extra trouble, and usually additional expense, to restore your older building?*

Building Restoration Specialties:

  • Masonry cleaning, including our own Hydro-Chemic Cleaning Process
  • Experience and knowledge of clear waterproofing treatments from penetrants to surface seals
  • Specialization of masonry coatings for waterproofing, including the new elastomeric coatings
  • Structural segment rebuilding and replacement
  • Regasketing of all types of structures

Here are a sampling of Building Restoration Projects we’ve successfully completed:

  • Veterans’ Administration – Various Locations
  • Notre Dame University – South Bend, IN
  • Union Station – Indianapolis, IN
  • Wright Patterson Air Force Base – Dayton, OH
  • The Ohio State University – Columbus, OH
  • Indiana University – Bloomington, IN
  • Oakland University – Rochester MI
  • Elkhart Schools – Elkhart, IN
  • Ball State University – Muncie, IN
  • Indianapolis Public Schools – Indianapolis, IN
  • Three Rivers Filtration Plant – Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Cleveland City Hall – Cleveland, OH