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Tiffin Stadium is a large concrete stadium built as a W.P.A. project in the 1930’s. The effects of weather, combined with various non-effective repair techniques, resulted in deterioration of significant portions of the stadium.

Serving as home field to two small colleges and two area high schools, this stadium’s usage is very “in-demand.” When it was discovered certain sections of the stadium were unsafe, Trisco Systems, Inc. was employed to do non-destructive testing of the facility and to provide recommendations for repair and protection of the concrete. Timeline was a challenge with this project, as the extent of the damage warranted a four-month turnaround, which realistically needed to be completed in under three months for the opening kick-off.

The scope of work performed included removal and replacement of all bleacher seats, replacement of all deteriorated sections of concrete, and rebuilding large concrete walls, stairs, and seating areas. Once the concrete was repaired, a protective membrane was applied to all walk surfaces and the rest of the stadium was coated with waterproofing materials.

The Trisco team attacked this project with a unique work schedule, and through careful planning, proper execution and a true passion to complete the project on time, the full restoration of Tiffin Stadium was completed in time for the opening kick-off of the Fall football season.