WISP before.jpg

The Wisp is the only ski resort in Maryland and a favorite place to stay for many visiting this beautiful area.

Trisco Systems was asked to investigate the condition of the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) that was installed during the construction of the building.  The owner noticed severe cracking, discoloration, and leaks and was concerned about the integrity of the exterior skin.  After performing initial field investigations, it was determined the entire exterior envelope had to be replaced.

The owner took this opportunity to enhance the appearance of their relatively nondescript building, creating the look and feel of a “lodge.” The EIFS was replaced with a cement-fiber board system along with architectural metal and stone elements. Wall framing members were rusted and deteriorated to a point they were no longer functioning or in some cases not even attached to the building. A new support system was designed, and portions of the building’s structural elements had to be modified.

WISP after.jpg

The entire exterior wall system was stripped down to the face of the interior drywall. After passing numerous water tests, an exterior plank and siding system was installed.  The addition of a new stone foundation, along with new architectural elements, dramatically changed the appearance of the hotel.- all while the hotel was still in operation.  The reconstruction of the wall included a new air-barrier system, new structural framing, insulation, windows, and waterproof sheathing. An intricate flashing system was installed, and the entire wall assembly was subjected to an extreme water test before the new exterior skin was installed.

Trisco’s expertise, experience, and project management capabilities resulted in a finished project that is both functional as well as architecturally pleasing.